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Some Tips Climbing Mount Agung from besakih temple Bali
Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mount Agung Climbing1

For those whose looking for adventure in Bali Island, when pub and clubs are getting bored, this consider extreme adventures. Climbing mount agung is one of the option, unite with the nature, spectacular view and smell the freshnes of the universe  on the tallest point of Bali island 3,142 meters above the sea level. Mount agung is sacred and holy place for Hindhu Balinese and we belief the resting place of the god, deties, holy spirit and ancestors. Take the challenge ?

Some Tips to climb mount Agung from Besakih temple 

7 Tips from us how to prepare for your Mount Agung sunrise trek

1. Wear comfortable shoes with a grip – We cannot stress enough on this point, especially the good grip.

2. A walking stick is helpful – We are not addressing ourselves here to the 70+ generation only. Many will find that a walking stick (if you have a good guide he might carve one for you from the bamboo in the jungle) is a pretty useful tool, especially when climbing up in the dark. It is very helpful when you start getting out of breath and you can lean on it.

3. Gloves – Bring some light gloves to protect your hands, because you will always touch something and notably during the descent you hold on to branches, anything really that gives you some balance. No need for anything fancy or expensive.

4. Clothing – You will go through different temperature changes and we suggest you wear clothes you can wear in layers and which are not too heavy. If you get some sweat absorbent clothes that would be even better, because when you start climbing you will sweat, but as soon as you sit down in the night for a break, it will be cooler and wearing sweaty t-shirts make it difficult to get warm again.

5. Food – Yes, you will be on your feet for many hours, but don’t bring too much food, it will just weigh you down when you have too much stuff in your rucksack. We realized that during the night climb we needed very little food. It is on the way back when you have your breakfast that you start getting hungry, but overall I would say, water, some isotonic drinks and something hot (especially when it is getting colder the higher you climb) are more important. Some energy bars are a good choice too.

6. Sunscreen – Wear some sunscreen, you will need it for the descent when the sun can be strong.

7. Get a good tour guide – Insist on having a knowledgeable guide who cares about your safety. 

Mount Agung Climbing itinerary from Besakih Temple 

    08.30 – 09.00 PM: pick up at your hotel, depend on where are you stay in Bali.
    11:00 PM: Arrival at Besakih Temple starting point.
    11:15 PM: Begin our trek to the summit and sunrise point.
    06:00 AM: Arrival at the summit, where we witness the spectacular view and sunrise.
    07:30 AM: Begin our descent to finishing point of our trek.
    12:00 PM: Arrival at starting point and boarding car.
    02:00 PM: Return arrival at your hotel.
    (Approximate Hiking Time 12 Hours)
    Pick up and return to your hotel by private air conditioned car.
    Experiences private local guides English speaking.
    Entrance Fee to Karangasem Area.
    Drinking water, Coffee or tea & Breakfast.
    Walking Stick & Headlamp
    Ubud : 09:30 PM Sanur : 09:00 PM
    Kuta : 08:40 PM Nusa Dua : 08:40 PM
    Legian: 08:40 PM Seminyak: 08:40 PM
    Activity Level: High to Extreme.
    Hiking Duration: 12 hours (up & down).
    Temperature: 6 – 12° Celsius (At the summit).

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Experience

Experience the tallest volcano in Bali Island, once in life time experience and another achievement in life !

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Mount Agung Climbing from Besakih Temple detail 

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Besakih temple Entrance Ticket update 2017
Friday, February 24, 2017

Entarnce Ticket at Besakih temple 2017 Valid from 1st march 2017

Besakih temple is the icon for temples in Bali island, known as the mother for all temple around bali island, even in Indonesia. This temple is amazing temple, based on the size and have very important role for hindu balinese people. Besakih temple become one of the most visit temple in Bali and the view also stunning. 

Besakih temple entrance ticket IDR 60.000/person, this price will include following services 

  1. Local guide during visiting besakih temple area
  2. Sarung and sash 
  3. Local motor ride if necesary 

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 Besakih Entrance Ticket detail 

besakih temple entrance ticket

Besakih Temple Overview 

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Besakih Temple Tour 

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