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Galungan and Kuningan Ceremonies in Bali, 5 to 15 April 2017
Saturday, April 01, 2017

Penjor Bali

Galungan and Kuningan Day will be celebrated in Bali this year on 5 April 2017 and 15 April 2017. This celebration is held roughly twice a year, every 210 days, when it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors visit the earth. In this day, Hindus people also believe that this is a day where Hindus people celebrating the victory of dharma (good) over adharma (evil). It is the best time for you too to come to Bali where you can see the streets are lined with decorative bamboo "penjor" or bamboo pole and see women bring their offerings made from fruits, cake, and flower. Sometime, not only women are holding the offerings but also men.  So, it is really interesting to see!


Preparation before Galungan and Kuningan Ceremonies:

galungan day

  • Two or three days before Galungan Day, Balinese people are almost busy with their activities in preparing the holiest day starting from men finding young coconut leaves, bamboo, and other materials to make penjor while for women make traditional cakes for offering, and preparing various kinds of fruits.
  • A day before Galungan Day refers to "Penampahan Galungan", where all of preparations should be ready before Galungan Day. In this day, Balinese people start cooking their "phenomenal Bali's dishes" such as satay, "lawar" or mixed vegetable with young coconut and herb, Balinese soup, and other dishes that are made from chicken, pork, and vegetables. When all of the Balinese dishes are ready, Balinese men starts decorating penjor at the entrance of family house gate. Penjor is decorated by using young coconut leaves and various other natural items i.e. tubers or roots (cassava), rice or corn, fruit, traditional Balinese cakes. At the end of each penjor decorated with sampian made from coconut leaves and flowers. The curved part of penjor symbolizes Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali that is considered as the home of gods. While for women look busy preparing beautiful 'banten' or offering.
  • By the date on 5 April 2017 (Galungan Day) all of Balinese family members praying in their family temples and other village temples. This can be considered as special day for Balinese where they can gather with their family even if their family members working in the other part of Bali, they will try to return to their own home and celebrate Galungan Day together. If you are in Bali in this day, ceremonies are found everywhere from morning till night so don't forget to capture great photos to remind you how unique Bali it is. There is also unique performance that you can see in this day, it is called "Ngelawang Ceremony" that is usually done by youth and then they travel around village in the costume of "Barong Rangda" and "Barong Kedengkling" to restore the balance of good and evil.
  • The day after Galungan Day called “Manis Galungan” where normally Balinese people visit their friend’s house, hanging out with family or friends and so on.

Ten days later, Kuningan Day marks the end of Galungan Day and Balinese people believe in this day all of the gods and ancestors return to their own realm. A unique thing in this day, normally Balinese people make the offering with yellow rice to thank for what have been given.

**During Galungan and Kuningan Day, usually there are no any roads blocked and the activities are done as usual but might be a little bit crowded in the morning and it is a great chance for you to observed the fascinating Bali's culture that shouldn't be missed.

Balinese Names Explained
Monday, March 20, 2017

Balinese Name

Spending couples of weeks on your holiday in Bali, you will meet new friends and plenty of friendly locals. As the first thing, you will probably notice when you meet local is start chatting and sharing to the locals, and it seems everyone share with the same name; Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut (these names you will hear for both men and women). This might be unfamiliar for you at the first time as Balinese culture unlike other cultures that use their family names, and will give you the difficulties to determine one Wayan to another. Even this might be hard at the first, but Bali has a naming system for Balinese to help you place people in their family and society.

Here's how it works:

Every Balinese child is simply named by his or her order of birth. The first born (boy or girl) is Wayan. The second born is Made (pronounced ma day). The third child goes by Nyoman and the fourth is named Ketut. If a family has more than four children, the cycle repeats itself, and the next ‘Wayan’ may be called "Wayan Balik", which loosely translates to ‘another Wayan' in the family.

It looks easy, right? But you might think you hear other names beside from those names i.e. Agung, Ngurah, Tjokorda (pronounced Co Kor Da), Dewa and so on. These names are given by their castle or clan. For example, people from the Wesya (aristocratic) caste might be named Gusti, Dewa or Desak, people from the Ksatria (kings and warriors) caste are often called Ngurah, Anak Agung or Tjokorda, and people from the highest priestly caste, the Brahmana, are often named Ida Bagus for men or Ida Ayu for women. Jero indicates that a person, usually a woman, has married into a higher caste.


However, you might meet with other people with the names that do not fit into any of these categories. This probably because they go by their nickname. The unique thing in giving a nickname to Balinese, it can be given by physical attributes such as Wayan Berag (thin Wayan) or perhaps something aritrary such as Wayan John and so on but most of Balinese give their children a name that has a good and positive meaning based on Hindu religion. Examples "Setiawan" that has meaning for "faithful" or "Dewi" (goddess) and sometimes Balinese people use this name or shortern name to create their nick name, for example Widi might be a shortening of Widiadnyana, Wira might be short for Wirawan.

Still confused? It will be confusing for the first time and it takes some time to understand it but once you do, it is easy to determine where a person stands in her or his family and the caste or clan system. Enjoy your holiday in Bali island to the fullest with 




Beautiful king Salman delegation member in Balinese Traditional Dress
Thursday, March 09, 2017

Princess Ameerah in Balinese traditional Costume1

Princess Ameerah in Balinese traditional Costume3


King Salman Delegation from Saudi Arabia has continued a state visit in Indonesia with a trip to the island Bali.The Trip which is planned to end on Thursday (03/09/2017) has been confirmed to be extended for two nights until Sunday (03/12/2017). King family member, number of ministers and staff choose four five-star hotels in Nusa Dua, the hotel King Salman Hotel in Bali island here !

All activities of King Salman delagation remain private not known by audience. According Bali Chief of Police, Inspector General Peter G Golose, King Salman spent more time at the Hotel St Regis. But, the other group members often come out and visiting some exotic tourist site in Bali, bali tourist site . One of beautiful Saudi Arabian delegation had even body treatments at a spa which  is located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kedonganan, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Bali. Owner of the spa, Wayan Adi Sumiran, upload photographs of the beautiful delegation dressed in typical Balinese outfit over body treatment. According to Wayan, this lady  is very pleased undergoing treatment at the spa.

"Om swastyastu, trimakasih (thank you) King Salman delegation and other staff who've been to my Spa, Enjoying spa activities and try Balinise costume, for special bali spa dan promo contact here !. It turned out that they were very happy, om shanti, shanti, shanti om, "wrote Wayan on his facebook account. Wayan did not waste the opportunity to capture precious moments to take pictures with the of Saudi Arabia which is not mentioned her name. base on number of photos uploaded by Wayan, the visible Saudi lady style dress Balinese dancer wearing a fairly complete, ranging from the tank, fabrics, scarves, and a crown of golden flowers with white color . Bali Spa is a must activities when visiting Bali. Bali Spa offers a variety of treatments with a holistic approach to creating a balance of body, mind, and spiritual. More detail of Special Promo Bali package and price see here !