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Bali Sourcing and Buying Agent
Tuesday, November 05, 2019


Finding an unique items or special craft in Bali island for your product catalog, sometimes is quite challenging due to lack of time, you dont want to running around and dont know where to go or finding the right supplier and dealiing with local artisan. Let me help you and enjoy your cocktail on the beach !

My name is Agung, I am local balinese, my passion is  in beautiful art and decoration. specialized in Textile and Fabric, such as : Bali Quilt, Batik, Double woven textile, natural dye batik and more. I  enjoy visiting various small village in Bali to search for uniqe art and craft. talk to local artisan and check any update for latest trend or just make a new friends. I offering personalized Sourcing product, buying agents and personal shopper in Bali island, I have worked as sourcing and buying agent for some  textile buyers. I will do searching for your items in Bali island, personalized service. Small quantity welcome

I am not big company nor big sourcing agency, only small personalized service who will do and help you doing your leg work for finding your desire items in Bali island. Thank you for helping locals, empowering local economy and with this business create good impact for society. Cheers !


  • Bali Buying Agent
  • Bali Sourcing Product 
  • Bali Personal Shopper 


Agung is amazing, he has so much knowledge and will show you anything you want to see. You can get to know what the locals like to do and eat as well. Agung’s English is very good, he understands everything. This is definitely the highlight of my trip. I highly recommend for solo travellers as well. You are very safe with Agung. - Georgiana, UK 

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Nusa Penida Day Trip : Best West Meets East Program
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Atuh Beach


Enjoy a full day out venturing the exciting Nusa Penida Island “West Meets East” with the gorgeous view of Blue Island!

Enjoy the joys of being far away from noisy crowd when you explore West and East part of the island

Admire the stunning beauty of Broken Beach and Angel Billabong 

Visit Manta Point to see the majestic manta rays 

Explore the breathtaking view of West and East part of the island when you visit Kelingking and Atuh Beach


Tour description: 

Let the journey begin by hopping on Nusa Penida Island to explore West and East part in a day trip. Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong, and Kelingking Beach will be the perfect places to start your wonderful trip. Get the best pictures here for worth posting on your Instagram! After your fun visiting at Broken Beach,  Angel Bilabong and Kelingking Beach, trip continued to visit Manta Point where you can see the majestic manta rays in the area. Lunch will be served in Indonesian food to taste some authentic food from Indonesia. End with a visit to Atuh Beach and marvel at the expanse of the ocean. Let’s go!


Price (min. 2 people) : USD 65/person 


Price includes:

  • Return fast boat ticket (Sanur-Nusa Penida-Sanur)
  • Return hotel transfer (Kuta, Legian, Ubud, Nusa Dua and Denpasar area)
  • Car with driver in Nusa Penida
  • Lunch (Indonesian food)
  • Entrance fee ticket


Tour information


07.00 hotel pickup time (depending on your hotel area)

08.00 leave Sanur harbor for Nusa Penida

8.30 -9.30 broken beach, angel bilabong and manta point

10.30-11.30 kelingking beach

12.00-12.45 lunch

12.45- 13.45 atuh beach

15.00- 16.00 nusa penida harbour

17.30 back to sanur and drop to hotel


Insider Tips:

Please wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals

Please wear appropriate dress

Bring a towel, swimsuits and a change of clothes  

Bring sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses


Additional Information:

Infants aged 0-2 are free of charge

The price is the same for all ages

In case the activity gets canceled due to inclement weather, you will be given the option to reschedule the tour or opt for a full refund

This trip is not wheelchair and stroller accessible

This trip is not suitable for PWDs and pregnant women

Visiting Tibumana Waterfall in Ubud, Bali
Thursday, January 24, 2019

Tibumana Waterfall


Tibumana waterfall in Ubud

Tibumana Waterfall is a hidden gem of nature destination near Ubud, Bali. Along with the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, the Tibumana Waterfall is one of the recommended waterfalls to visit around Ubud. To access the destination, it is not that hard and you don't have to put extra effort to reach the place. During your way to get to the waterfall, you will see palm tree roads and amazing rice fields.

What you will see in the destination

This place is among the top hidden gem of natural paradise in all Bali, especially around the Central Bali. To be fair, international tourists here are not that many compared to the similar destination, Tukad Cepung waterfall. Here, you will find more local tourists but it shouldn't be a problem. The best time to visit this waterfall is around noon, so you can access the destination in daylight and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
You will probably enjoy the road during your way to reach the destination. The scenic palm trees are scattered beautifully along your way to the waterfall. The road to get there is quite easy and simple. There will be bamboo bridges along the road, but there is no spectacular scene that will make you amazed aside from the scenic palm trees. The important thing is that the bridge is safe to be crossed, including by children. The time needed to reach the waterfall is around 10 minutes.
When you reach the destination, you will find locals that observe your activity on the waterfall on a hut. This hut is open for public, so if you think that the people on the hut disturb your visit on the waterfall you may just focus on the photography instead of swimming around the waterfall. But, most of the tourists enjoy this environment. You can also access the hut for a photography session. Be adventurous and enjoy the waterfall by swimming around the area or chilling on the hut around the waterfall, Tibumana Waterfall will be a great place to visit during your holiday in Ubud, Bali. Best way to explore tibumana here !

Places to stay around the waterfall

There are several options regarding the place to stay when you want to visit the waterfall. It is best to sort your option based on the availability of your budget. The common categories are luxurious, middle budget, and low budget accommodation. From there, you should plan your itinerary and how much money you will spend on the trip so that you can pick the best accommodation based on your needs.
For a luxurious option, you may probably check the Alaya Resort. This place is quite luxurious and reflects well with the budget you will spend per night. Also, there is another fancy place called Hanging Gardens of Bali, which is located near Ubud, Bali. If you are looking for middle budget accommodation, then you can try to check Pertiwi Bisma, which is located around the waterfall. The villa here is comfortable and you will enjoy your time here because the budget reflects well with the provided facility. If you want to visit the Tibumana Waterfall with a low budget, then you can try Sila Urip Guest House for your accommodation.