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How to Celebrate Christmas in Bali (Make It Fun during Pandemic)
Saturday, December 05, 2020

Even though Christmas 2020 will be a little different for everyone but still we can celebrate it in different ways. Christmas decorations, special deals for Christmas Eve lunch or dinner package are something that you cannot miss easily when Christmas is just around the corner. For those who are in Bali, and cannot fly home due to the pandemic, actually Bali has a lot of great offers than you expected for. If you are celebrating Christmas in Bali, please have a look on our recommendations below that you can pick for your unforgettable Christmas moment.

Having the Christmas Eve Feast


It is still OK to enjoy the authentic Balinese food for your Christmas Eve Feast or even you want to have Western package deals lunch, dinner or even brunch, you can have them all! Just find out where is nearby restaurant from your place in Bali, book in advance to get the early bird promo and enjoy your holiday season feast!

Strolling Around and Go Shopping


Shopping with various things in Bali can be a better option too. Normally, shopping malls or shopping places offer a special discount during Christmas. From delicacies to clothes or authentic Balinese handmade craft can be your nice gifts to be given to friends or whole families after arriving home later.

Checking the Place and Having Fun by Party 


Enjoying the holiday season in Bali by partying never goes wrong. Go to bar, beach clubs or nightclubs near your place where you can enjoy music, cocktails, nice foods, and great venues would be a nice plan. With wide selection of Christmas Eve Party and of course with great deals price, so starting from now you can choose which place you will go and make the reservation in advance. Don't forget to always follow the health protocols when you're having fun!

Balancing Yourself by Joining Spiritual Journey

holy bathing

If you are getting bored with party, feast, or shopping, let's do something different for your Christmas. Some of great choices are doing meditation, yoga, go for retreat, traditional healing or purifying yourself in the holy spring water temple. It is a perfect moment where you can balance your mind and get ready for a new year with new hope and new dream. Experience Bali spiritual day tour click here!

Visiting Your Favorite Places in Bali


While you are in Bali, why not trying to optimize your time by visiting your favorite places in Bali? From Bali beaches, Bali temples, any kind of fun outdoor activities or other destinations, you can visit all! Almost all of destinations in Bali are open for public, but again we have to follow the health protocols. It makes you easier to explore the island. Make the travel list, if you want to have hassle free trip just book your private transportation to take you around! For Bali best tour recommendations, please check here!

With all our best recommendations, we really hope you guys still could enjoy your Christmas in Bali! 

**Reminder: wherever you go please always wear your facemask, wash your hands regularly, and do physical distancing. Keep protecting yourself and people around you. Cheers! 


Balinese Way of Life (Pre-Pandemic Life)
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A quick glance at the various architectural elements of Bali tells a lot about the lifestyle of the Balinese. The temple gates and shrines are elaborate, intricately worked, beautifully positioned and arranged. The village is an example of communal architecture at its best, large open pavilions, enormous village commons, the unifying obelisk of the Bale Kul Kul all reflect the "one big family" concept of Balinese village life.

Balinese home

In long rows back from the road run high walls broken at 20 meters intervals by tall roofed gates with thick wooden doors which are always firmly shut at night. Each gateway is the entrance into a family compound which may be composed of many brothers and cousins and their families. These thick-walled compounds, the Balinese say, defines and protects the "charisma" of each family. Within these walls each family member undergoes a series of life rituals. The greeting into the world at 3 months, puberty rituals, teeth fillings, weddings. With death the body will lie in state in the special pavilion (bale dangin) reserved for family rituals in the center of each compound. The compound consists of open or closed raised pavilions facing inwards into a courtyard where a pagoda or large tree provides share from the midday sun. The ground is dirt swept every morning. The compound is dotted with flowers shrubs and bushes. The houses of the tree higher castes are invariably made up of a number of interlocking courtyards which lead through to the family temple on the north eastern extremity of the complex. This is a walled off area reserved the shrines where daily offerings are made. Every family temple in Bali has its anniversary, a closed affair when the family pays homage to their ancestors and to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the supreme god.


The family compound awakens into life at the first sign of dawn. The wife or wives, tray in hand, walk to the nearest vendor, rarely more than 50 meters away to buy small leaf packets of cakes and sweetmeats which with coffee provide the morning meal. As the sun tops the palms the family members take their morning wash in turn in the river or at a spring. Before the heat of the day is felt everybody is out of the compound going about their daily routine. For the wives, these chores are shopping in the market or local store for the day's supply of meat and vegetables to compliment the rice often already on the boil in the kitchen. The men labor in the fields or work in one of the town centers. The school day starts at 07.00 and throngs of school children proudly carrying brooms and buckets to clean the schoolyard gather around the school buildings usually situated close by the village center.

 Bali school

Most Balinese have their first rice meal late in the morning. The middle of the day is a time for resting in the shade of the village Banyan tree or sleeping in the cool of family compound or sometimes in Banjar Hall. As the afternoon cools, village activity picks up. Men gather, clutching their prize fighting cocks in tight groups outside their favorite cafe (warung) or they squat on the dirt in front of the temple. Every village has a "club" for those who like to enjoy the sunset in the company of a glass of palm wine. Once again, the river is busy with people taking their afternoon bath.

The last meal of the day is taken at or shortly after sunset. As the gentle harmonies of the gamelan practice waft through the thick night air those who are too tired to talk away the hours in the village haunts, retire to their respective homes. Within the walls of the family courtyard young Balinese receive all their religious training. From the generation to generation to complex code of Balinese order and etiquette is passed on. In an atmosphere of harmony and contentment, dissent never raises its ugly head. Young girls never ask their many religious duties and it is only natural for a son to take on the profession of his father.

The Balinese family compound life with its stress on love, respect and duty, has been the backbone of the survival of Balinese way of life and culture.


Wear Mask or Get Fined - Bali New Normal Update !
Friday, September 04, 2020


Bali is not reopening for international tourism as planned by 11th September 2020 and it will remain closed until at least the end of 2020. The decisions made due to the number of coronavirus cases in Indonesia, including Bali rise day by day and the local transmission is not getting low. Beside, Indonesia is also observing the international situation, and travelers are not allowed to depart from their home countries. Everyone is optimistic that Bali will reopen for international tourism by this month, however we have to wait and see what will happen next. In fact, our government now implements CHS program (Cleanliness, Health, and Safety) to top destinations in order to welcome international travelers after pandemic.

Recently, the governor of Bali issues governor regulation No. 46 year 2020, don't wear mask will be fined IDR 100,000. This regulation is concerning of increasing discipline and law enforcement of health protocols in the prevention and control of corona virus disease. Fines will be even tougher for businesses that do not enforce the new law with their employees. If a business is caught with employees not wearing masks, they will face an initial fine of IDR 1,000,000. In addition, there are also local sanctions for those who are not wearing mask.

The current situation in Bali now is much controlled. Tourist destinations and beaches are already open. A number of restaurants, bars, and hotel have opened again. Domestic tourists come to Bali gradually, but the situation is not the same. Personally, it seems not a lot of people are keen to be in holiday. Mostly people are still scared come to other places, and another reason is stuck on global economy. In fact, Bali is returning to its root which is into agriculture, it can be seen nowadays people move to their village for a while and start paying more attention to the environment. However, tourism is still the backbone of Bali, we are still hoping we can get through this situation. Although it is sad but we have to see the situation with different perspective, in which we have to adapt quickly in order to get the solutions for the problem. We really hope the vaccine will be available as soon as possible, so we can meet you again in Bali! Stay safe and healthy!