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Valentine Day 14/02/2009
Exploring Bali
Valentine Day 14/02/2009
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine Day 14/02/2009 ,  me (Agung - balibuddy) and my guest Bill Meyers and  friends from New York - USA,  Visiting a school in Sanur. Bill Mayer and friends donate one year school fee for one of the "poor student" at that school, this program was assisted by YKIP , an organization whose consern in helping student from the poor family ( many children have the potential to become school drop-outs due to the inability to pay) back to school, here some of the picture during the school visit :


ps : I' d like to give highly appreciation for Bill Meyers, friends and Future Donor to mind giving Bali Children a better future........ THANKS!


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