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Try Cat Coffee or Cat Poo Cino in Bali Island
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Selection of herbal tea

cat coffee1 cat coffee2 
Coffee is one of the famous comodity in Bali island, coffee plants grow well on the highland 700 - 900 meter above sea level and suitable for kintamani area, even kintamani arabica variety is one of the best coffee arabica variety in indonesia. Coffee is one of the main focus for Agrotourism in Bali, apart from other exotic fruit and plants, some of those including Cacao, spices, durian, mangoesteen, snake skin fruit, bali kiwi and crown of the god fruits. 

In Bali Island we grow two kind of coffee variety, arabica and robusta, both have their own uniqe taste. Strong Bali coffee is made from robusta cofee variety. For Bali coffee lover, new variety of coffee you shouldnt miss during your visit is Cat poo Cino, the famous name for coffee luwak or cat coffee. this coffee taste is smoother and its believe contains less cafein then normal coffee due to process in the cat stomach. Story begins, during the coffee season luwak or civet cat loves to eat coffee cherry but the only eat the skin of the berry, as the cat digestive system is simple the beans is not damage inside, even experience uniqe fermentation helps by special enzym inside the cat stomach. Then on the next day farmer collecting the dripping of the animals.

At the local coffee farm, we can experience very traditional process of making bali cofee including the cat poo cino. the dripping will collected and washed by hot water until  very clean then dried under the sun for couple of days, cat coffee still got the outside skin layer or the hard skin,the coffee bean is protected with this hard skin inside, cat coffee is not like people think since this collected from dripping of the animals, its clean trust me !

enjoy coffee and herbal tea under the exotic fruits tree will give you an awesome feeling with pleasant surrounding make your holiday perfect. To try cat poo cino will cost you usd 5/cup and selection of herbal tea will served complimentary for visiting the farm. I will strongly recommend to try the cat poo cino here, enjoy the uniqe taste and you have an uniqe story to bring home. Cheers!
Some Tips to enjoy cat coffee or  Cat Poo Cino:
  1. Wait for couple of minute after the coffee is served, because this coffee is not like nescafe which perfectly blend, so wait for the grain drop
  2. Dont spoil the coffee taste by adding sugar or milk first, enjoy it first then you can add them later 
  3. Enjoy the coffee with sweet potato chips
  4. Enjoy the cofee with me LOL
Best Regard,
Agung Balibuddy


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