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Master Spiritual Healer, Tjokorda Gde Rai Bali
Monday, August 28, 2017

Tjokorda Gde Rai Bali

Tjokorda Gde Rai Bali is a master spiritual healer that is pretty famous due to his given ability to heal people by his touch and his magic stick. It is not like a wand in Harry Potter movies but he uses the stick to help the process in healing others. Since the release of “Eat Pray Love” movie, visiting Balinese healer is kind of a must do activity for tourists in Bali besides joining yoga class, spa, and others. Balinese healer is like a doctor in traditional way and they play huge yet important role in culture of Bali by treating both mental and physical illness. Tjokorda Gde Rai is one of the famous ones. He is touted as a master spiritual healer

Who is he?

His name is very famous among Balinese as well as the tourists who have visited Bali. He is an 86 years old healer and shaman in Bali. The last King of Ubud was his grandfather. Over forty years ago he began to use this given ability to commune with the deities and the spirits. Tjok Rai will heal anyone who came to his house anyway ranging from the Balinese that came with full dress or a tourist or even celebrities from around the world. He is the part of royal compound from Puri Negari. He is open for healing, cures, or even just consultations.

Even though he is over 80 today but he is still an energetic man in traditional Balinese costume with warmth and charismatic personality. A lot of knowledge pieces are carried by him along with the healing power that could help other in need. Ranging from light stress up to chronic problem in your body can be cured by him. But of course it needs process and time because those things could not be fixed on your way to the airport.

Well, he has such a unique way to heal people. He just uses the fingertip to read what is happening in your body and you will also see the magic stick he always uses to help to healing process.

Various healing practices and what you can expect

There are various types of practices such as reflexology, sacred Mudra and Mantra for healing process, Tantric drawing that uses stick on the skin, herbal medicine specifically from shaman, and some healing oil.

You can just do consultation with him. And there are several things you can expect from this process.

He will give you diagnosis of health assessment, detoxification of the body through reflexology, boosting up your immune system, balancing the mental and spiritual and of course physical, and clearing your aura since it is believed that aura is the place where the disease begins. If you have issues related to depression or stress as well as pain on the toe and back then you need to see this man. He is also able to fix fertility issues or even eating disorders. Long story short, if you have any problem with your body or your mind then you need to visit Tjokorda Gde Rai Bali. plan an appointment and tips WA +6281338667808


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