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KITES Season in Bali Now !
Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bali Kites Festival
June in Bali is Kites Season, actually every year, from may to august when the wind turns to the east, kites flying season begins. Kites flying in immensely popular with Balinese all ages, so much that there is an international bali kite s festival usually held at Padang Galak near Sanur every july.
Kites vary from those made by little boys who fashion them from  a few sticks and plastic bags, to truly huge kites with wing spans of several meteres which built by groups of men from the local banjars.Some fly so high that the civil aviation authorities police the sky around the aiport approaches as these kites can be hazard to aircraft.
While enjoy your bali tours, you will see many souveniere shop selling kites in knock-down form for easy transportation, and there are always kites sellers demonstrating the flying ability of there wares on every tourist beach  right around the Bali Island.


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