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How to Celebrate Christmas in Bali (Make It Fun during Pandemic)
Saturday, December 05, 2020

Even though Christmas 2020 will be a little different for everyone but still we can celebrate it in different ways. Christmas decorations, special deals for Christmas Eve lunch or dinner package are something that you cannot miss easily when Christmas is just around the corner. For those who are in Bali, and cannot fly home due to the pandemic, actually Bali has a lot of great offers than you expected for. If you are celebrating Christmas in Bali, please have a look on our recommendations below that you can pick for your unforgettable Christmas moment.

Having the Christmas Eve Feast


It is still OK to enjoy the authentic Balinese food for your Christmas Eve Feast or even you want to have Western package deals lunch, dinner or even brunch, you can have them all! Just find out where is nearby restaurant from your place in Bali, book in advance to get the early bird promo and enjoy your holiday season feast!

Strolling Around and Go Shopping


Shopping with various things in Bali can be a better option too. Normally, shopping malls or shopping places offer a special discount during Christmas. From delicacies to clothes or authentic Balinese handmade craft can be your nice gifts to be given to friends or whole families after arriving home later.

Checking the Place and Having Fun by Party 


Enjoying the holiday season in Bali by partying never goes wrong. Go to bar, beach clubs or nightclubs near your place where you can enjoy music, cocktails, nice foods, and great venues would be a nice plan. With wide selection of Christmas Eve Party and of course with great deals price, so starting from now you can choose which place you will go and make the reservation in advance. Don't forget to always follow the health protocols when you're having fun!

Balancing Yourself by Joining Spiritual Journey

holy bathing

If you are getting bored with party, feast, or shopping, let's do something different for your Christmas. Some of great choices are doing meditation, yoga, go for retreat, traditional healing or purifying yourself in the holy spring water temple. It is a perfect moment where you can balance your mind and get ready for a new year with new hope and new dream. Experience Bali spiritual day tour click here!

Visiting Your Favorite Places in Bali


While you are in Bali, why not trying to optimize your time by visiting your favorite places in Bali? From Bali beaches, Bali temples, any kind of fun outdoor activities or other destinations, you can visit all! Almost all of destinations in Bali are open for public, but again we have to follow the health protocols. It makes you easier to explore the island. Make the travel list, if you want to have hassle free trip just book your private transportation to take you around! For Bali best tour recommendations, please check here!

With all our best recommendations, we really hope you guys still could enjoy your Christmas in Bali! 

**Reminder: wherever you go please always wear your facemask, wash your hands regularly, and do physical distancing. Keep protecting yourself and people around you. Cheers! 



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