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Get Travel Lugage Scale During Bali Holiday
Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Travel Lugage Scale

Bali Agung Tours added new service for our valueable guest, we provide travel lugage scales for you, with no charge or FREE, if you are using our tours service in Bali island.  By checking your lugage weight before depart to airport will reduce charges on lugage specially when you are flying with  low budget airline. 

Why you need Travel Lugage Scale

Luggage scales are a must have travel accessory in 2017. The emergence of low cost Airlines have made domestic and international travel extremely cheap by cutting out all the options like checked luggage and meal service. However they are quick to charge for any carry-on bags that are over the set luggage weight limit. There is nothing worse than getting go the the airport to find you have been charged an exorbitant amount for those extra pounds of luggage that you may have bought while on holiday. By ensuring that you always have a good set of travel luggage scales you can alleviate having to pay extra airline fee. You can ensure all your suitcases always stay below the designated airline weight limits


How To get this Service 

If you plan travelling to Bali island. Browse our site www.bali-agung-tours.com and book our popular "Satisfaction Guarantee" bali tour program, get many benefit such as free special gift, free WIFI and Travel Lugage scale* . Enjoy your Bali Holiday with Bali Agung Tours, Reliable local tour operator.  WA +6281338667808



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