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Monday, December 13, 2010

For tourists in Bali it is probably easier to find Japanese, Continental or even Mexican food rather than the indigenous island cooking and what a shame to have come so far and not try the local fare.


  • Ayam Goreng / Bakar : fried / Roasted Chicken
  • Cap Cay ( Pronounced Chap Chai ) - Stir - fried vegetables
  • Mie goreng - as above, but using noodles instead of rice
  • Nasi goreng - fried rice with an assortment of ingredients such as ; chicken, vegetables , pork , beef. Usually served with parwn crackers and a fried egg.
  • Sate - beef or chicken kebabs served with a peanut and sweet soy sauce
  • Rujak - A spicy , sweet fruit salad, served cold.



  • Ayam Pelalah - Shredded Chicken in chilli and lime
  • Babi Guling - Suckling pig roasted on a spit, stuffed with herb, spices, chillies and rice.
  • Bebek Betutu - Duck smoked in an earthenware oven
  • Kambing Mekuah - Braised lamb and coconut milk
  • Lawar - made of thinly chopped papaya, jackfruit, green beans, grated coconut, starfruit leaves and various indigenous spices. This dish is served with a variety of meats, such as pork or duck.
  • Pesan Be Pasih - fish grilled in banana leaf
  • Sambal be Tongkol - Tuna salad
  • Satay Lilit - Mince seafood satay ( small kebabs )
  • Bubur Injin - Coconut rice - Pudding with fruit

 Bali tour is not complete until you try one of those local cuisine. Happy Bali Holiday !



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