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Fire Dance at Village Temple 17/02/2010
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fire Dance is normally performance at the temple after temple festival, this dance is sacred dance, and also known as Sanghyang Dance or Jaran Gading *. This time this dance was perform at Babakan Village temple, which is located in Karang asem regency. This dance started at 20:00 bali time till finish. Sanghyang Jaran Gading  is a kind of trance dance in which the entranced dancers imitate the the movement of soldier on horseback. It is said that in Sanghyang Jaran dance, the dancers are possessed by ancestral deity, a Gandarwa (celestial soldier) on horseback. The dancers for this sacred dance are usually the Pemangku (temple priest) or a group of chosen men, that are put into trance with wafted of incense and chorus of Sanghyang song. In the state of trance the dancer fall, convulsed to the ground and rush to grab hobby horses. During the pre-trance chanting, coconut shells have been lit, leaving red . The entranced dancers leap into the red-hot coals, prancing on top of them, picking up the hot pieces and bathing themselves in fire. Since this dance is seldom performance for tourist attraction , if you want to watch it while you are in Bali, you should check with your travel agent or your bali driver ( local buddy). Check this Sanghyang Dance video  !
note : Jaran = Horse, Gading = golden
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