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Besakih Temple entrance Fee and Tips
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Besakih temple Tips

besakih temple tips2

Have you ever hear about besakih temple or might you have plan to visit this amazing temple, hoping this short guide article could help to explore besakih temple. Besakih temple is the mother of all temples in Bali Island,located on the slope on mount Agung as the location is on the height approx. 900 Meter above sea level, from the top of the temple you can see spectaculer nature panoramic view until to the ocean. Mount Agung also known for the highest mountain and sacred mountain on Bali island

Thing To do in Besakih temple

Besakih temple is the mother of the all temples in Bali island, besakih temple is complex or compounds temples, there is 18 Separate sanctuaries and there are three main temple such as Penataran Agung Temple dedicated to almighty god (3 main function of the god), Kiduling kreteg temple, dedicated to Brahma and Batumadeg Temple for Wisnu. Recommeded Temple to Visit, Bali Agung Tour Version as below:
1. Visit Pura Gelap Temple, this known for beautiful temple with amazing view due to location on highest location
2. Visit Batumadeg Temple, another beautiful temple on the compounds
3. Visit Penataran Agung temple, the centre of the all compunds

Tips Visitng temple

Some review said visiting this temple is scam, horrible and many negative review, but if you know how to overcome, this  could become your higlight of all of your bali trips, here are some tips for you
1. Bring your own sarung as the entrance fee is not included sarung like other temple offer
2. Bring small change in case you need going to toilet, there will be IDR 2000 usage for toilet there
3. Going there is recommeded with driver plus license guide, so you dont need to hire local guide there 
4. If you have plan to explore this amazing temple, you can use www.bali-agung-tours.com service for fast response WA +6281338667808, we will provide you with sarung, mineral water and also license guide for entire trip with good rate.contact us today !

Entrance Fee and Enjoy your visit to this temple

See the entrance fee ticket attached below, hoping you have a great time at this temple, if you have other information in detail or other inquiries dont hesitate to contact us at agung@bali-agung-tours.com will very happy to response it asap, Cheers! 

new update for Besakih temple entrance ticket 2017 <---- Click here !

Besakih temple fee


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