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Bali Costume, wanna try ?
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

See Bali for the first time, this new couple want to try (almost) everything, exploring Bali Tours, Activities, Spa and one thing really amazed them is,try Traditional Bali Costume ( couple costume). In Bali we have some local costume, like Bali Kebaya or in Melayu called Baju Kurung and Balinese ceremonial items, like this couple wear, pictures below.! This Traditional Costume is associated with Balinese Hinduism, only wear during ceremonial occasions and other important events.
Dr. Jaya and His Lovely wife in Traditional Bali Costume,

Bali Costume1Bali Costume_2

Interested ....?

if you want to have this experience, try traditional bali costume .... ONLY IDR 175.000/pax ( Simple make up and Bali Costume) Contact Here !

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