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Rene and Cherry from Philipines

This Picture taken at one of the most beautiful temple on north part of Bali Island, cool mountain resort. This temple called Ulundanu Temple Beratan. The name of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is taken from the lake where the temple is built at Beratan Lake. The name of Beratan Lake is inseparable with the Beratan Mount as Deity and Goddess as fertility source, prosperity to keep the prosperity in life and society life. In papyrus chronicle of the Mengwi, this temple is referred as the name of Parhyangan ri pinggiring danu Beratan (sanctum located in lakeside of Beratan Lake ). "Ulun" is come from "Hulu" word meaning head or power and in this case is intended by Ulun Danu Beratan means power of Beratan Lake that is Danu Goddess. This temple also a great symbol of tolerance among religion, not far from this temple we can see budhist temple and mosque people here life in harmony.